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Welcome to the website about saving daily moments from Instagram. People have many funny moments in life which they record and like to show to others or keep record of those files to never get lost. Gramdownload is a website where you start saving these moments.

How to download and save pictures, images and videos online on PC.

Welcome on, a free website for every user and the best way to save any Insta online pics and short movies to your computer, PC, tablet, iPhone, Android or any other device. Gramdownload is very cool video & photo downloader and webstagram viewer. Never loose any screenshots of your life, store them properly with our site. This website is very easy to use, just copy and paste the link of the file you like to record.
How it works? Just copy and paste the url in the above field.

Welcome on this website. Search, find and transfer it to your PC (descargar)

About Instagram – Taking the World of Photography to the Next Level social networking sites have

Instagram is a unique form of social network which works only with pictures. Upon signing up, you will be provided with a profile and then you can fill this in with details about yourself. But when you are done, it will all be pictures and nothing more. All you need to do is take a picture, upload this to your installed app on your phone or on the website using your computer. You can then add a name, as many tags as you want and even apply the filter you like. You also have the option to share your photos to other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Once you click on the Share button, your picture will be live and other people will be able to see this on your profile.

Instagram Friends
Similar with the rest of social networks, you can also add friends on Instagram for you to see their photos on your news feed and vice versa. There is really no need for these Instagram friends to be your real life friends although it would be better and not to mention safer to start off your Instagram journey with people you personally know. You can even add businesses as your friends. For instance, if you love to take photos of foods, you can add all the restaurants you favor and those that you want to try in the future. This way, other people who share the same interests are going to see you on their list of possible friends and chances are they will add you up as their friend. When this happens, you can branch out with ease and you can earn new friends that you might never meet personally otherwise.

Instagram Tags
For those who are new to Instagram, tags are basically a describing statement or the name of your image. For instance, if you will post a photo of a tourist destination in Greece, you can tag this with the name of the place and the things you can see there. An Instagram tag will always start with a hashtag for it to be found easily. Users will then look for keywords and your picture will appear in search results associated to that tag. When more and more people see your image, you can start getting more friends as well. If your image doesn’t have a tag, no one is going to see it. Only those on your list of friends will see the photo. This is fine if you want to keep the photos private but if you are after making more friends, you have to add tags to every picture you post. – See more at:

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